Top 10 Best Soil Test Kit in 2020 Review


Being a farmer/gardener involves knowing a lot of things. You need to test your soil to know the PH level, the nutrients available, and the type of soil. With this knowledge, you will know which kind of plants can do well on your farm. You will also know the type of fertilizer to add the missing nutrients in the soil.

When searching for the best soil test kits, you need to consider some factors. They include type, cost, maintenance, and usage. Using the best soil test kit, you will be sure of how your soil is.

The best soil test kits reviewed below are from MySoil, Lamotte, GuideLine Pro, WANFEI, Luster Leaf, Atree, Safe2m, Jowxi, and TG.

Top 10 Best Soil Test Kit in 2020 Review

#1. MySoil Pro-Pack 2 Soil Test Kits

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This product includes 2 MySoil test-kits & one MySoil DIY soil probe. Moreover, MySoil soil test Kit is a tool that is more accurate plus simple to utilize. It is a professional soil testing kit that is available & it is made for the DIY-community. Furthermore, a soil test kit for lawn is suitable for all developing scenarios like lawn and turf, compost, gardening, trees, and soil-less media. It also helps in promoting sustainable practices.

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for the DIY community
  • Best for every growing scenarios

#2. Lamotte Model El – Turf and Garden Soil Test Kit

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Lamotte Model El soil test kit is used for garden analysis or soil-science education. Moreover, this kit comes with rapid-test procedures, laminated color charts, and diagrammed instructions. This will help you when measuring the concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium & soil pH. Additionally, PH soil test kit comes with a garden-guide manual and LaMotte-Soil Handbook. Thus will help in test results interpretation. Additionally, they will give lime & fertilizer recommendations.

  • It’s simple & easy to use
  • Includes a manual and LaMotte Soil-Handbook
  • Comes with everything needed for soil testing

#3. OnSite NPK Grass Soil Test Kit

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OnSite NPK Grass Soil Test Kit will allow one to test the lawns NPK-levels. Thus, you will Know the exact thing that the lawn requires. With this mail in soil test kit, you will have an immediate reading. Thus, you don’t need to mail the soil-samples for evaluation. This lawn command test-kit will easily measure the soil’s phosphorus, nitrogen & potassium levels. As a result, you will have an exact way of identifying more efficient fertilizers & corrections to your soil.

  • Saves on money
  • Minimize hindering lawn-disease
  • Offers onsite readings in minutes

#4. WANFEI Soil Test-Kit

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WANFEI Soil Test-Kit is a 4-in-1 plant monitor. That is, it is capable of monitoring light, humidity, temperature, and plant nutrients. Moreover, you will get the plants in an extensive database that has more than 6,000-plants. Additionally, you’ll be able to save your everyday growth record in an app. Furthermore, this soil test-kit has four stainless steel EC-sensors. It can record soil-nutrients & change them to exact information displayed on the phone.

  • Features temperature and light sensor
  • Has Bluetooth 4.1 connection
  • Comes with 4-EC Sensors

#5. MySoil-Soil Test Kit

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MySoil-Soil Test Kit is among the accurate plus simple to use the tool. It’s a professional soil-test kit that is available & it’s made for the DIY-community. Additionally, this best soil test kit for food plots has synthetic and organic fertilizer recommendations that are tailored to one’s soul. Its report offers 13-plant available nutrient-levels which include Nitrogen & pH. It’s best for every growing scenario including Lawn and Turf, Compost, Gardening, Trees, Soil-Less Media, and Vines.

  • Comes with everything that’s required
  • Best for every growing scenarios
  • It’s accurate and easy to read

#6. Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit

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Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Test Kit offers fast, at home-results for Nitrogen, Soil pH, Phosphorous & Potash. Moreover, it’s an innovative & inexpensive soil-test kit. It includes an easy to operate the capsule system & patented shade comparators. Moreover, this product has every component that is required for 40-tests. 10 for every N, pH, P & K. Additionally, this kit comes with simple and detailed instructions.

  • Suitable for beginners & experienced gardeners
  • Has a soil-pH preference list
  • Includes components required for 40 test

#7. Atree Soil pH Meter

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Atree Soil pH Meter comes in either green, black or yellow hue. Furthermore, this kit offers 3-in-1 functions. That is, it will help you measure soil moisture, sunlight intensity, and pH value. This makes it useful for one to plant-flowers, plants & make them develop healthy plus strong. It is simple to use. You need to insert the probes in the soil for about 4 to 6 inches. Thus, you will get accurate readings.

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Requires no battery or electricity
  • It’s scientifically accurate

#8. Safe2m Soil Test Kit

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Safe2m Soil Test Kit comes in an upgraded black, black, or green hue. Moreover, it’s a three in one soil tester. You will conveniently test the soil’s light, pH levels, and moisture. It is made lightweight & portable thus simple to carry-around. Moreover, this agricultural soil testing kit is best for both indoor & outdoor use. It is an ideal soil-pH meter tool which is best for home plants, lawn, garden, and farm.

  • It’s accurate and durable
  • Simple to use and clean
  • It’s a three in one soil tester

#9. Jowxi Soil Test Kit

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Jowxi Soil Test Kit is a 3-in-1 tester kit. You will easily test pH value, moisture & sunlight-level of the plant. Additionally, this soil kit is a sensitive probe. It senses soil changes & transfers information to the conductor, thus displaying correct values. Additionally, it requires no batteries or electricity to operate. It’s designed to be lightweight & portable thus simple to move around with.

  • Needs no electricity or batteries to operate
  • It’s a three in one soil test kit
  • Gives accurate results

#10. TG Soil pH Meter

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TG Soil pH Meter is available in yellow, green, red, or silver hue. Moreover, it’s a 3-IN-1 product. You will be able to test soil pH, moisture & sunshine level. Moreover, you will be able to have better care of the plants. It’s simple to use. Insert the soil-tester probe in the soil for about 2 to 4 inches. Moreover, the scale is easy and clear to read.

  • It’s reliable & efficient
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Requires no battery or electricity

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