Top 10 Best Ant Traps in 2020 Review


Ant is everywhere in this world and they may be annoying when they get in your kitchen. They normally move in groups. Ants are normally intelligent plus they communicate with the use of their pheromones. Additionally, ants live outside and they will get into your house when they are searching for food.

Sugar ants normally like sugar and other sweet things and grease ants like protein and fatty substances. To prevent destructions caused by ants, you need to control them using an ant trap. When looking for the best ant trap, always consider the type of ant, cost/effectiveness, and safety.

Best ant traps reviewed below are from EcoRaider, Hot Shot, TERRO, and Home Plus.

Top 10 Best Ant Traps in 2020 Review

#1. EcoRaider Ant Killer

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EcoRaider Ant Killer comes in a quantity of 320z and other different sizes. Moreover, this product is suitable for indoors & outdoors use. Thus you will be able to control both existing plus invading insects like ants, bed-bugs, and other crawling insects. Moreover, this best ant killer outdoor kills 100-percent of ants that come into contact instantly. Additionally, it’s capable of disrupting ant-trails & prevents re-entry for about 4 weeks.

  • Kill immediately when it comes into contact
  • Has less skin irritation thus, child-and-pet-friendly
  • Comes with a pleasant citrus smell

#2. Hot Shot Ant & Roach Plus Germ Killer

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Hot Shot Ant & Roach Plus Germ Killer comes in two counts each with 17.5-Ounce. Moreover, it is also available in more other quantities. This is unscented aerosol thus no discomfort caused. Additionally, this product will kill varieties of insects including cockroaches, ants, crickets, spiders, and others. Furthermore, this product Kills for about 12 weeks in non-porous areas. The product also kills about 99.9-percent of germs which are left behind by insects.

  • It’s unscented
  • Kills for 12 weeks
  • Controls varieties of insects

#3. TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer

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TERRO T300B is a liquid ant bait ant killer. A single package contains twelve bait stations. Moreover, this Terro ant trap is suitable for killing a variety of household ants. It’s pre-filled and ready for use at bait-stations. It has a patented design that prevents the bait from drying out. Furthermore, this product attracts ants faster and it contains Borax. Ant traps DIY are placed near ant-trails or the place ants are more.

  • Ants are attracted faster
  • Has borax
  • Contains 12 bait-stations

#4. Terro T334SR 2 Pack

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The Terro T334SR comes in two packs each with 4 bait-stations. Thus you will have a total of 8 bait-stations. Moreover, this product will attract and kill all the ants. It is discreet. Comes in two-color design which mixes in with one’s decor. Moreover, the adhesive-strips attach ant-baits below the cabinets or to walls. Furthermore, the worker-ants carry plus deliver a Lethal-dose to the other colony.

  • Has two-shade design, matches interior decor
  • Comes with adhesive strips
  • Sealed, stays fresh up-to when it’s used

#5. Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

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Terro 1806 is an outdoor liquid ant-bait. With this Terro ant killer, you will kill ants that you will see & those that you don’t. Moreover, pre-filled bait stations are always ready to be used. Additionally, these ant-baits have borax. These baits have a flexible placement. That is they can be placed on the ground with the use of on decks or stakes. Furthermore, they can be used in basements or garages with no stakes.

  • Has borax
  • It’s ready to use
  • Has flexible placement

#6. TERRO T3206SR 3-Pack Spider & Insect Trap

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TERRO T3206SR is a 3-pack spider plus insect trap. Each of the packs has 4 glue traps thus, you will have a total of 12. This trap kills different types of insects which include spiders, ants, scorpions, cockroaches, crickets & other insects. Moreover, this product is toxic and pesticide-free thus safe for kids and pets. Additionally, these non-toxic and sticky traps can be used either folded or flat.

  • It’s non-toxic, safe for kids and pets
  • Kills varieties of insects
  • Can be folded to prevent kids from contact

#7. Hot Shot HG-2048 MaxAttrax Ant Bait

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Hot Shot HG-2048 MaxAttrax Ant Bait contains 8 baits. Moreover, the baits are child resistance. This product is made to offer relief from all kinds of the ant. It kills all the ants that roam around, the queen and the whole colony. Furthermore, this product operates up-to 6 months when used indoors. Hot Shot HG-2048 can be used in indoor/outdoor use. It’s placed on walls, in cabinets and closets, below the sinks & refrigerators and other places.

  • Kill the queen and the colony
  • It’s child-resistance
  • Kills ant in hours

#8. Home Plus Ant Killer

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The Home Plus Ant Killer package includes 4 pieces. Moreover, this ant-bait is capable of killing the colony and the queen in about 24 hours. Additionally, this ant bait is suitable for indoor/ outdoor use. This is the only ant-bait trap that uses food attractants. It uses 4-food attractants which makes it easy to kill the whole colony plus the queen. This ant killer can be used in the kitchen, yard, patio, garden, and any other place.

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • It’s pet safe
  • Kills ants within 24 hours

#9. TERRO T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes

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The TERRO T1812 pack contains 8 baits. Moreover, this product will kill all the ants in the colony. This ant-killer bait is suitable for targeting outdoors ants before they get indoors. It is ready to use. With the see-through bait-monitor, you will easily know when it’s complete for you to replace. Furthermore, the reinforced ridges will have the stake strongly on the ground.

  • It’s weatherproof
  • Eliminates the colony and the queen
  • Targets outdoor ants

#10. Hot Shot 100046261 Ultra Liquid Ant Bait

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Hot Shot 100046261 is ultra-liquid ant bait. A single package contains 4-Count of bait stations. Moreover, this product has an improved liquid bait tech. It contains all food & water. The ants will get the bait quickly thus, they will die fast. This ant traps home depot will kill the queen & colony of common household ants. It’s suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

  • No spills or drips
  • It’s child resistance
  • Kill queen & the colony

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